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Terms & Conditions

Your community agrees

Two people from your group will attend an on-line Introductory Event so you understand the importance of Phase 1 as a base for the campaign. The challenge card must be used as part of Phase 1

The challenge card

To be used for display in the front windows of property throughout the community to show who is taking part in the campaign

Front – The Greening Campaign logo

Back - The challenges, local contact details, the website address of the Central Greening Campaign. We have a set format for the card with opportunity for you to choose wording appropriate to your community. The challenge card must be produced by The Greening Campaign (TGC) assigned printers – you will need funding to pay for the printing of the cards. This is to protect the community by using an award winning eco printer. The Greening Campaign makes NO money from the printing of the cards. You will be issued with an order form.

The challenges

The challenges must be a maximum list of 10 (we have found 8 to be the optimum number).

People commit to a minimum of 5 challenges

The challenges need to be taken from the official list provided to you by The Greening Campaign because the savings have been formally checked and verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

The logos

Your Greening Campaign logo must be displayed on all challenge cards and public notices.

Greening Campaign Logo

This logo may not be altered or adapted.

The logo, for use by the local community, will be supplied by the Central Greening Campaign team.


We encourage all new groups to set up their own community website or link to an existing Parish/Town etc website

Other points

The Central Greening Campaign or support staff must be kept informed of dates of Public Meeting and the Launch – we need to keep your Council informed.

Maximum size of a community is 8,000 unless agreed in writing by the GC.


  • A monitoring form should be filled in on completion of each Phase of the campaign.

  • The basic structure of the campaign must remain the same – A Public Meeting

  • Publicity in the community

  • Each household must receive a Challenge card

  • A launch – a stand-alone event, not tagged on to a fete etc

  • An agreed period for households to commit to challenges and display the card Count of challenge cards

  • Amount of CO2 saved communicated to the community.

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