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Political Statement

The Greening Campaign CIC is not a political organisation and is not linked to any political organisation or affiliated organisation.

The Greening Campaign will therefore not support any 'Greening Committee' that allows party politics to be promoted or advertised at any event, or on any information, or that accepts political funding or support of any kind.

If this does occur The Greening Campaign will immediately withdraw its support from the campaign including the use of the copyright campaign logo.

The Greening Campaign CIC receives financial support from non-political organisations and any hint of political preference, support or approval would seriously jeopardise the work of The Greening Campaign CIC.  Nor would The Greening Campaign wish to be associated with any political party.

Locally organised full cross-party debate on Climate Change may be possible but would need prior agreement in writing from all local parties and from the Greening Campaign.

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