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Phase 2:
The Three Pillars

Green Buildings

Greener, Warmer Homes

Making our homes more energy efficient & resilient to Climate Change

We are currently experiencing an energy crisis with a rise in the cost of powering our homes that we have never seen before.  Working with the Sustainability Centre, the Parish Council will share money saving advice, hold an online meeting with the CEO of the Sustainability Centre regarding the possibilities for retrofitting their homes, and signpost residents to any available funding.

Greener Spaces

Giving Nature the Space To Thrive

The Parish Council will be working with the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust (HIWWT) to further re-wild areas within our parish and to help the community reconnect with nature, explaining the importance of wild space and how residents can make their gardens bee and pollinator friendly.

bee full of pollen.png
Outdoor Yoga

Health & Well-being

Understanding and mitigating the impacts of Climate Change on health and mental well-being

The Coronavirus has shown us just how our collective health can affect our freedoms, economy and mental health.  Climate Change has the capacity to bring about it's own health challenges such as heat stress, extreme weather eg. flooding which can cause more people to feel anxious.  It is important we understand the risks and raise awareness now, to better protect ourselves and our families in the future.  The parish council will be working closely with a specialist Health Professional and Consultant to run an on-line workshop and various awareness campaigns.

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