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Phase 1:
Changing Behaviours

Phase 1 of the Greening Campaign focuses on showing us that by changing our behaviours in small ways, not only can we make a difference in the amount of energy we use, and the amount of money we spend but, by working as a collective we can make significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in our area.  By making the process of lowering our carbon footprint a lifestyle choice, we can make a significant impact on our community's sustainability both now, and for the generations that follow. 


To get the ball rolling we are asking our residents to complete an 8-week challenge where they change 8 behaviours to save money and lower their carbon footprint.  We will calculate the collective amount of carbon saved which will be published.

In May Greening Campaign participants were given the opportunity to choose their Top 8 Challenges via an online survey and the results are below.  

If you are already doing these things at home, please take a look at the other challenges or head over to Energy Savings Trust website for more inspiration.

We asked participants to choose their top eight challenges to complete over an eight week period.  The winning challenges were:

Imagine what we could achieve together if all did these things differently.

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