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Greener, Warmer Homes

Making our homes more energy efficient & resilient to the effects of our changing climate

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Free Thermal Imaging Survey for Greening Campaign Members

Discover where heat is escaping or where cold air is entering your home

Greening Campaign Members are invited to apply for a Thermal Imaging Survey at their home.  Surveys will be conducted by volunteers (supported by Parish Council Officers) who have received basic training in Thermal Imaging Camera operation and image interpretation. 


You can use these images to understand where you add insulation or to discover potential problems where you may want to seek professional advice on more serious matters.

If you would like to have a free thermal imaging survey of your home, please fill in the form below and we will arrange a suitable time to come and visit your home. You will receive images of your home taken with our thermal camera.  You will not be charged a fee.

** Optimal Weather Conditions for Thermal Imaging Survey:

  • No precipitation

  • No high winds

  • No sunshine directly on to the external walls 

  • No significant changes in external weather conditions within 24 hours of the survey

Please note:

The officers and volunteers surveying your home have undertaken basic training on thermal camera operation and image interpretation. They are not professional thermographers and can only advise based on temperature variations of areas within your home that may indicate a problem.  It is up to the homeowner or occupant to seek professional advice if necessary.

At no time will the advice given by Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council Officers or volunteers replace that of a qualified professional.

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