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Sustainability Policy

Policy Statement

Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council considers Sustainable Development an integral part of its commitment to ensuring the well-being of our members, staff, and community.

Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council will:

  • Develop and Adopt a Sustainable Corporate Strategy which will outline an integrated approach to managing the Council’s corporate environmental, social and economic impacts.

  • Continue to follow the objectives set out in the Climate Action Plan adopted in February 2021, reviewing and adding to this list regularly where appropriate.

  • Manage and reduce the Council’s greenhouse gas emissions and adapt our services to make them more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

  • Reduce and manage the efficient use of energy and water at parish-owned assets.

  • Assess climate change's short- and long-term effects on the Council and its assets and develop appropriate management and mitigation solutions to improve or reduce these risks.

  • Assess environmental impacts of all new buildings acquired or built, ensuring where practicable that building is future-proofed, and that appointed suppliers & and contractors have regard for the environment with business policies that are in accord with our own.

  • Have regard for the environment when purchasing goods and services, promoting suppliers whose environmental policies are in accord with our own.

  • Provide induction/refresher awareness material to members and staff, ensuring they know how they can contribute to the Council’s overall performance.

  • Promote waste minimisation by adopting a suitable waste management strategy that minimises the impact of waste by promoting reuse and recycling where appropriate.

  • Enhance the natural beauty and biodiversity within sites owned and maintained by the Council in an environmentally sound way.

  • Actively protect the environment and wildlife by increasing animal habitat and biodiversity within parish boundaries, through the efficient use of natural resources and by reducing pollution to land, air, and water

  • Establish and nurture existing partnerships with local authorities to promote ‘green living’ and green transport.

The implementation of this Policy can only be achieved by securing the support of members and staff at all levels within Fair Oak and Horton Heath Parish Council and by regularly reviewing the sustainability action plan, the climate change action plan, and the asset policy and waste management policy.  

The Council will support relevant community initiatives aimed at improving the organisation’s overall sustainability performance.

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