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Fair Oak & Horton Heath Climate Change News

Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council acknowledges the impacts and causes of climate change and has, in recent years, developed strategies to identify and address these. We believe we have a duty to act to reduce our carbon emissions in a way that has positive benefits for our residents, businesses and visitors and we are committed to continuing the initiatives we have already developed to protect our green heritage and natural environment. We are committed to the principles of sustainability at the heart of our decision making and support our residents and businesses to develop sustainable communities and services    

Climate Change Action Plan

Sustainable Energy

The Council's Climate Change Task and Finish Group have produced a comprehensive Climate Change Action to assist us to reach our goal of reaching Carbon Neutrality by 2035. 

If Fair Oak is to become a net-zero carbon by 2035 it will require a 37% reduction in carbon emission from the current best estimate of 119,635,39 Kg per year. (figure derived from a carbon calculator populated with national average statistics). 


Read our Action Plan.

Bee & Tree Corridor

The loss of wildlife habitats in the area has fragmented the natural habits of insects and animals. The corridor project seeks to join these ‘islands’ using existing pockets of open space to allow bees, insects, and wildlife to move freely once again, making them more resilient to future environmental changes.

Tree planting creates a nectar source for bees and other insects while at the same time providing shade and windbreaks, taking up carbon, and refreshing the air with oxygen. Tree roots also help to reduce water runoff during periods of heavy rainfall. The tree and bee gardens have the added benefit of containing edible or medicinal properties.


By creating and enhancing the existing green infrastructure and wildlife corridors  provides wildlife with important connection networks and habitats. The linking of the networks through green infrastructure also creates both economic, social, and health benefits for the wider community to enjoy.

Wildflowers and Tree Planting

Wildflowers and trees on a misty morning

The Council's Operations Team will be preparing sites across the parish for sowing of wildflower seeds in early Spring.  Sites that have been identified for large wildflower swathes include New Century Park, Lapstone Playing Fields, Pembers Hills Drive and Oak Walk.  Over 56 mixed species of trees have been planted at the New Century Park, Knowle Park, Oak Walk and Cemetery and Beech Trees have been planted alongside Pembers Hill Development to increase biodiversity of the site.

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