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Community & Climate First

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Our Corporate Plan 2023 - 2026

Our three-year plan provides a high-level strategic framework for the decisions we take. It describes our most important aims and the priority activities that we will focus on delivering. It will be implemented through service plans and key strategy and policy documents, such as the Climate Change Action Plan.

The plan will give you a strong sense of our priorities and focus, supporting our corporate vision and mission statement.

The new plan builds on the good foundations of our previous plan and sets new goals and ambitions for the next three years. These new priorities have been fine-tuned after reviewing the results of our community engagement survey and comments made by our residents.

The Parish Council has a vital role in enabling change to meet the needs and demands of our residents whilst maintaining financial security. Over the next three years, we will work with our key partners, businesses, and communities to tackle challenges and grasp new opportunities


“As a community council, we will deliver professional services to all our residents, treating all with kindness and respect and promoting community spirit through community-led initiatives, improved communications, and transparent decision making, without the politics.”

Our top priority is working with our community, and our key partners, to deliver services right the first time. By using our council resources wisely, we will ensure that our areas of responsibility are delivered well, ensuring that the community has a nicer, happier, and kinder place to live, work and enjoy.

Building our resilience as a community over the next three years is important to us if we want to champion inclusivity, and climate action, and support residents in challenging times.

Doing what we can locally with what we have is essential. As your community council, we set out here what you can expect from us and how you can help us deliver the best quality service.


Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council will thoughtfully grow as an inclusive and innovative community council that promotes community involvement, takes pride in our local place, and promotes respect for the environment.

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