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Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council

Committed to a Sustainable Future


This site has been developed to aid and support our journey to a more sustainable future in Fair Oak and Horton Heath.  The future of our village, our country and our planet depends on the actions we take now and we hope that the little things we can do will have a large collective impact now and in years to come.

“Fair Oak & Horton Heath Parish Council acknowledges the impacts and causes of climate change and has, in recent years, developed strategies to identify and address these. We believe we have a duty to act to reduce our carbon emissions in a way that has positive benefits for our residents, businesses, and visitors and we are committed to continuing the initiatives we have already developed to protect our green heritage and natural environment. We are committed to the principles of sustainability at the heart of our decision-making and support our residents and businesses to develop sustainable communities and services     

If Fair Oak is to become a net zero carbon place by 2035 it will require a 37% reduction in carbon emission from the current best estimate of 119,635,39 Kg per year. (figure derived from a carbon calculator populated with national average statistics).


The success of our Action Plan will be measured in the implementation of practical interventions designed to reduce energy demand, replace fossil fuels with renewable sources, and reduce the use of plastics and waste within the Parish.


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